DDR Motorsport Miami GT Grand Prix Edition

DDR Motorsport Miami GT Grand

On the outside, the engineers at DDR started with teh basic fiberglass body from the GT4 and GT8 kits, and sat it at the same NASCAR-spec, drive-over-mandrel mild-steel-tube chassis. Separating it from the stock GT4 and GT8 is its aerodynamic kit, which features a handful of carbon-fiber parts, including: a new front bumper, new splitter and hood. There are also new louvers, side mirror, back wing and wing tips also made from carbon fiber.
The Miami GT Grand Prix Edition is set of 20-inch Concavo wheels wrapped up in sticky performance rubber. A set of Ksport Kontrol Pro Shocks help keep the sports car steady in the corner and when it encounters imperfections in the road. A set of six-piston Brembo calipers are set on the front by squeezing a set of 15-inch cross-drilled rotors. On the backside, the brakes feature a set of four-piston calipers with 12-inch cross-drilled rotors.
The inside of the Miami GT Grand Prix Edition also received a nice set of upgrade…

2006 freestream T1 spec and review

freestream T1

Two engineers of the McLaren F1 were built to produce a F1 traffic car called Freestream T1. Enabled style of the 2006 2.4-liter V8 and weighs about 1025lbs, the weight of a small built in the construction of carbon-fiber are making energy weigh more than 1,000bhp tonne.
The development of the road nomkhondo, an ultra lightweight, 480bhp two-Seater will experience in the near term neF1 equal to the state of a strong Le Mans okuxazululwa of Aerodynamics and chassis makes the car safer in the right way and respond to the driver installation.

Interests are already shown by 12 customer-oriented projectors and wish to join what is going to be a special group since the company will only make 25 cars all over the world. In the first picture approaching the completion of these two experts have moved to new motor vehicles that are part of the new Farnham business parks in Surrey.
Ekhuluma by Freestream T1, Ben Scott-Geddes said: "We want to show our creative ability from the beg…

2006 Elfin MS8 Streamliner

Elfin MS8 StreamlinerThe new Elfin MS8 Streamliner pulls down a few Australian harps when it is shown in standen hold of the Holden Mvelbourne Motor Show in 2004. Powered by a 333 BHP all mixed Holden V8 and displays six gearboxes, breed-shaped breeds and big brakes, all of which are only 1100 pounds [1100 kg]. Verified combinations provide five minutes sprint from 0 to 60 mph, quarter meters integrated into 12.9 seconds and high speeds exceed 180 mph.
The Elfin Sports Car Company was established by Garrie Cooper (1935-1982), a successful pilot driver, designer and engineer and sports / runners. Under his command Elfin won no less than 29 Championships and major titles including two Australian Sports Championships, five Australian Sports Car Championships, with Australian tourists Trophies and three Formula Ford titles. Formula One One Champion James Hunt runs Elfin, as did the French Formula One smart driver Didier Pironi. Elfin also took the Scorpion Grand Prix and twice defeated the…

Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder
Outside, you see many Porsche sales features. It contains a rope nose, with rows that have outstanding rows to the finish. Speaking of a rooftop roof, the two-way Targa thread we get this roof, gives you the opportunity to drive in the open air. What makes 918 Spyder special when Porsche is different from installing it. Previously, you find visible lights rather than you will see on all sides. I fend before them far less bigger than one of the best models. Just before the front wheels, Porsche are featured in the air spiral number. These large valleys in the back fenders should be more than-until the burden of feeding O2 that gives life V-8 monster living under the chicken-wire-style of birds in the background 918 Spyder.
exteriorAlongside 918 Spyder, there is a big spoiler of two pillars to add slightly additional downforce. One single glance that 918 Spyder takes on all points of Porsche is its taillights. If you look closely enough at 918 taillights, you might even…

McLaren P1 detail price and review

McLaren P1
The Apollo Automobil GmbH's rebirth from Gumpert's extinction damage is ready to switch to high gas after the company has announced the partnership with Scudera Cameron Glickenhaus to develop the 1000-horsepower concept of the Apollo Arrow 2016 Geneva Motor Show production. Best of all, cooperation will also include Italy's production of Manifattura Automobili Torino, the same company that helped build a supercar of James Glickenhaus' SCG003 S.

The details are not available at this time, but according to the Autocar, three companies have set up a co-operative time, which will then include production of the Arrow concept printer under the Titan codename project. The car has been found with a V-12 engine and will be completed at the time of mounting the 2017 Goodwood Festival Speed. From there, a V-8 motor vehicle called Arrow S will follow, without any temporary planning yet.

Admittedly, there are still many things to be done before this co-operation is successf…

Ascari A10 spec and detail

2006 ASCARI A10
Ascari, the same company that is creating the fastest car in the UK, has revealed details of their newest project. Called the A10, this is 600 bhp, road-going version of Ascari's Spanish GT Race Car.

So far, one single yellow example has been completed and is being extensively tested before the regular production version is revealed in 2006. Engineers at Banbury, and the exclusive Race Resort Ascari racetrack, are committed to ensuring this 220mph supercar deliver world-class performance performance To other independents such as Pagani, Koenigsegg and Mosler.

Like its KZ1 predecessor, the 1280kg A10 will be rare, with only 50 to be hand-built at Banbury. With an exclusive price tag of about 350,000 GBP, Ascari's anouncement is particularly bold.

Power will come from a modified BMW M5 engine with a six-speed manual as a standard or sequential gearbox available as an option. With its wide carbon fiber body and fixed back rear wing, the A10 is much more dramatic compa…

Aston Martin V12 spec and review

Aston Martin V12
The exterior changes for the V8 Vantage have been inspired by the Vantage S and N400 limited edition and includes a new low bumper with an aerodynamic splitter that includes a great air intake for a better cooling of the engine and front brakes. The back has received a new broadcast and sculpted race-derived side sills.

The S version will be distinguished by carbon fiber elements and a motor-derived aerodynamic package. On the interior everything is wrapped in traditional hand-stitched leather upholstery with striking modern design and "S" badges to further identify the modelAlso, the S version will be offered with a new satellite navigation system developed in conjunction with Garmin and of course Bluetooth and Cruise control.
The EngineThe base version is powered by a 4.7 liter V8 engine that generates a total of 420 HP, while the S output output has been increased to 430 HP at 7300rpm and 361lb ft torque at 5000rpm. The base version will be offered with a st…